Ethiopian Civil Service University (ECSU) News 2023

Ethiopian Civil Service University (ECSU) News 2023

The ECSU Council conducted a nine-month plan performance review for the 2023 fiscal year on April 3, 2023, at Renaissance Hall.

At the opening of the meeting, Prof. Fikre Dessalen, President of ECSU, in his opening speech to the members of the Council, mentioned that the university is undergoing change and explained the responsibilities and duties of the Council in detail to the new members who joined the Council. In this way, as the council plays the role of an advisor to the university leadership, he urged them to scrutinize the report and come up with new ideas for future implementation.

The performance report was presented by Dr. Abraham Hagos, director of the planning, monitoring, and evaluation directorate. According to the report, the university is teaching new and existing students in 53 educational programs based on its goal of increasing the relevance, accessibility, and fairness of education and training. In the 2023 academic year, 489 applicants applied for the entrance exam in 9 fields of specialization to admit new students to the Ph.D. program, and 305 were selected for the exam. After passing the rigorous examination process, 60 students (58 male, 2 female) were admitted and started teaching. 2,248 applicants are enrolled in continuous education (evening and weekend) in the 2016 academic year and are waiting to take the exam. Monitoring and support were also conducted on the quality of inclusive assessment and examination, and 51 departments requested the service of employee recruitment and promotion examination, and examination (assessment) services were provided to 41 departments, 449 positions, and 2000 candidates.

For first-degree candidate graduate students, awareness work on exit exams, language proficiency training, and tutorial for identification of low-performing and willing students, as well as a brief training on three main topics for 6 days to enhance research skills for Ph.D. students.

On the other hand, 7,000 e-books were downloaded from various websites and entered into the system and made accessible to users, and 26 e-journals were made accessible to users by subscribing; To improve the teacher-student ratio, the teacher-student ratio at the university level has been increased to 1:11 by transferring teachers from different universities and making proper use of the existing capacity. To establish an (ELIC), the location of the center has been identified and the work of organizing the center with resources is in progress.

3084 trainees were given competency-based training; 9 modules and 10 new trainings have been designed; 5 modules have been reviewed. For next winter, a team has been organized to provide training to the young civil service workers and preparatory work has started.

According to the report, among the activities carried out in the last nine months in terms of increasing research, consulting, and community services, 82 studies are being conducted in the fiscal year, and 67 research designs have been identified in various evaluation processes in 76 research theory articles, which have received 7.5 million birr budget support and will be completed in 2023. During the fiscal year, ten investigations are being done in research centers.

It is mentioned in the report that many consulting and research projects are being done under contract with other institutions. 2013 and 2014 Annual Research Conference Proceedings, editing, and design works have been completed and are in the process of publication. 19 studies conducted in 2014 on corruption and brokering have gone through the internal review process and received input from stakeholders. The final research reports are in the process of being published and various seminars have been held. Preparations are being made to hold the 8th National Research Conference in 2023, and the publication and distribution of 4 journals have been done.

In terms of increasing community services, the construction of 25 sheds has been completed and preparations are underway to hand them over to users; The low-income employees of the university organized a group and prepared a business plan to benefit from the sheds built by the university.

According to the new structure of the university, under the academic sector, manpower has been allocated to manage the quality improvement directorate of education and training; It has been organized in all colleges and training centers at the school level and started working. At the school level, a three-member team has been established to monitor and ensure the teaching method, assessment, and overall quality of education. The post-graduate dissertation research writing guidelines and post-graduate research policy document were reviewed by the senate, suggestions for improvement were given and approved, and implemented, and the university senate has organized a group to review the legislation;

To achieve the goal set by the university to strengthen its human resources and institutional capacity and competence, the housing units built by the university were announced to the university’s 153 academic staff and management leaders by lot.

The implementation of the new structure of the university is underway and competitive leadership positions have been held in the academic affairs sector and the research and cooperation sector; A competition is also being conducted for the placement of administrative and support management and professional positions in the administration and development sector and office work.

In addition, 57 PhD teachers have been advertised for recruitment and 37 teachers who have met the requirements are being recruited. In the university, it has been possible to reach 52.83% of the teachers with the academic rank from assistant professor to full professor. In the four rounds so far, 123 teachers have been trained and graduated in the Higher Diploma Program (HDP) at our university, and in the 2023academic year, 23 teachers were trained in the Higher Diploma Program (HDP).

A lot of work has been done from making the processes supported by technology and modernizing the infrastructures. HEIMS has started to be implemented in the university while the work of making the processes supported by automation, supporting the IFMIS, ICMIS, and SIMS processes have been strengthened. Identification of the courses and education units that can be provided by e-learning prepared according to the specific needs; There are 5 journal websites providing services to university graduates. Apart from that, the Plagiarism Software was purchased and made accessible by installing it on the computers located in the education departments and research enrichment center. We are in the process of making more plagiarism software available.

Promoting partnership, connection, and internationalization In the last nine months, many works have been done and partnerships and collaborations have been established with various domestic and foreign institutions.

As of March 30, 2023, it has been possible to collect unfiltered internal revenue amounting to 42,448,399.89 Birr by improving the efficiency of budget, financial, and property management services and increasing internal revenue. The university has used 356,753,391.73 (70.36%) of the total budget of 516,114,832.00 Birr allocated to it for the year 2023, including advance payment, until March 30, 2023. 86.24 % reachable It is presented in the report that it is in good performance.

Among the buildings that the university has constructed to provide various services, including the President’s building, the construction of which has been completed has been temporarily handed over and other buildings in the main campus are in the process of being completed for temporary handover.

In addition to this, it is mentioned in the report that the university has carried out several activities related to the national 12th-grade final exam, and it is still working together with the Ministry of Education by providing food, lodging, computer labs, and similar services to scholars recruited by the Ministry of Education and preparing for the national first-degree exit exam.

In the detailed report, the members of the council presented different ideas and opinions, and there was a wide discussion on the ideas and opinions presented. After the review, Prof. Fikre Dessalen stated that among the comments and questions raised by the members of the council, there is a delay in the EGP system being implemented at the national level and other national reasons to meet the resources needed for teaching and learning at the required level and speed. But they said it will be done. Regarding the fact that the admission of students should be done through the admissions department of the university and not through the departments, he mentioned the importance of evaluating the status of the departments and strengthening the internal procedures. He stressed that the education departments should open new education programs and review the existing ones in consultation with the stakeholders.

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