Ethiopian News: Birtukan Mideksa Resigns as CEO of Ethiopian National Election Board

Ethiopian News: Birtukan Mideksa Resigns as CEO of Ethiopian National Election Board

Mrs. Birtukan Mideksa 

“Releasing work responsibility with permission!

In December 2011, when I started my work as the chairman of the Ethiopian National Election Board, I dreamed of making our institution a reliable and independent institution capable of conducting elections.

In the last four years and six months, I have been trying to carry out the responsibilities given to me by conducting referendums and national elections and managing political parties with legality, fairness, and sincerity. However, since I need a long-term rest to maintain my health, I informed the office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives on June 5, 2015, that I have voluntarily resigned as the chairman of the Ethiopian National Board since August 1, 2015. In my remaining time, I will be responsible for completing unfinished tasks and making administrative transitions.

In the past four years and six months, we have worked together with other members of the board and the staff of the board to increase the enforcement capacity of the election board and to increase its credibility. During this time, I would like to express my gratitude to all the board members who were with me, the board staff, especially the hardworking female staff who made my daily work full of inspiration, and all those who made our work easier by sharing their experience as long-term employees of the board with new employees.

The leaders of the political parties, instead of seeing the board as a manager and a supervisor, considered it a family that works together, even when we made decisions that did not please them. For this, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the parties and their leaders. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to the Honorable Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who nominated me to lead the board as a chairman, and to the House of People’s Representatives, who put their faith in me and entrusted me with the responsibility.

 Birtukhan Mideksa  History

The previous appointed authority and legislator Birtukhan Mideksa came to the place of Boss Administrator of the Public Political race Leading group of Ethiopia through the change estimates taken by Top state leader Abiy Ahmed after he came to drive. During his term of office in the Political decision Board, he drove the public political race which was deferred by one year because of the Covid plague and the three mandates what separated the southern district into three areas. It will be recalled that a different political decision was held in the Tigray locale, which was one reason for the horrendous conflict in northern Ethiopia. Following the conflict, the TPLF, which was said to have taken part in vicious exercises, was dropped as a lawful party by the Political decision Board.

In a meeting with the BBC last week, Birtukan Mideksa expressed that there is what is going on to hold a crisis political decision in Tigray, which is as of now under the break organization. Birtukan Mideksa, who refered to the medical problem as the justification for his acquiescence as director of the political race board, is associated with his judgment against previous TPLF official Ato Sye Abrehan.

Orange smash in the dubious 1997. At the hour of the political race, he was an individual from the primary resistance, the Alliance for Solidarity and A majority rules government, and stood firm on senior footings in the party. At the point when the public authority imprisoned resistance pioneers and columnists following the political decision debate, Tartukan was likewise in prison. After the disintegration of the alliance, they attempted to remain in legislative issues by shaping a party called Solidarity for Equity and A majority rule government with different accomplices, yet they were captured again before long. Berthukan was selected as the Director of the Political decision Board at the greeting of State head Abiy Kal after he went to the US as an outcast and went through years in schooling because of the restricting of the resistance political stage in the country.

Birtukan Mideksa, director of the Public Political decision Leading body of Ethiopia, in 1966. They were brought into the world in Addis Ababa. In the wake of moving on from Addis Ababa College Graduate school, he filled in as a Government Court Judge. In 1997, he passed on the legal branch because of the public authority’s leader body impeding the legal framework. She joined the party governmental issues development and turned into the principal lady head of an ideological group. In May 1997 In the public races, the party drove by Mrs. Orange won countless parliamentary seats and was captured because of discussion. In 1999 They were condemned to life detainment.

In the US, where he stayed someplace far off, banished for good after his delivery, he was a Public Gift for A majority rules government Individual. At Harvard College, where he was an Exploration Individual of the Researchers In danger program, he led research on Ethiopia’s significant difficulties to a majority rules system. Following seven years of oppression in 2011. Getting back to Ethiopia, he was confirmed by the Place of Agents to lead the Public Political decision Leading group of Ethiopia. Right now, he is leading the Public Political decision Leading group of Ethiopia.

Ms. Birtukan Mideksa, notwithstanding her four year certification in regulation from Addis Ababa College, acquired her graduate degree in policy management from Harvard College’s Kennedy School of Government.

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