Ethiopian Radio and TV Journalist Tigist Begashaw

Ethiopian Radio and TV Journalist Tigist Begashaw

There are radio voices that become like dear companions you pay attention to them so frequently. I have as of late had the joy of meeting one of them. Tigist Begashaw has been filling in as an Amharic language journalist, proofreader, and news moderator at Fana Broadcasting Company for a very long time. Her voice is appealing, consoling, and natural.

She likewise cherished the film media and the possibilities of acting held an extraordinary fascination for her for quite a while. She played the foremost job in Azeb Worku Amharic’s component film “Condo” and she acted in another film called “Babylon” as a columnist. Tigist was additionally the star of Unilever’s promoting effort for the washing powder, Omo. Made by a Hungarian film Creation Organization, the mission saw the Tigist star in the principal job, which was displayed on neighborhood stations in 45-second configurations. The business was shot in Johannesburg, where Tigist and two other Ethiopian entertainers proceeded to remain for seven days. “There were around seventy competitors of us challenging for the job, including a few well-known entertainers and I was satisfied to be chosen as the fundamental moderator.”

Tigist says the event permitted her to meet different experts in the field, cameramen, soundmen, and filmmakers and she took the genuine experience of what creation quality implied.

Tigist says she has such a great amount to accomplish. She says the greatest recommendation she could provide for other youngsters taking up the calling is to be committed. “I would let hopeful writers know that facilitating a show on FM radio is more than making proper acquaintance and playing music. It takes difficult work, time, and energy to create even a short episode.” When she originally applied in 2007 for a post at Radio Fana, she was first on the holding-up list. “It was a sort of let-down since I was sure that I would get the post. The ten fortunate competitors went into preparing and I was at risk for some time.” Following a three or four months’ pause, she proceeded to apply for the horticulture authority and was acknowledged. However, at that point, the call from the radio broadcast came.

Tigist, 32, makes sense that she started her vocation with the send-off of Fana’s FM 98.1 in 2006, an FM that began broadcasting under the all-around working station, Radio Fana. She managed different jobs, going into the field to report and facilitating “Zena Metshiet” (a news magazine) which later became “an hour and a half,” one of the station’s well-known morning news programs. It was in this job that Tigist came to be known to countless radio audience members for her enchanting voice, strength, splendor at the amplifier, and amicable disposition. “an hour and a half” conveys the morning’s news with a casual and lively tone. “We present titles, examinations, and global news in a way that is fascinating and locking in. We believed that it should be a reference point and the crowds feel that they are not missing any of the day’s news,” she says.

Tigist has talked with endless driving figures in the realm of governmental issues, financial matters, business, and sports. She remained with this program for almost six years until she chose to collaborate with her companion and individual writer Tsegent Lake to begin another endeavor, a show called Malefia, and change to Ethiopia Radio’s 97.1. “It was broadcasted three times each week, seven hours with everything taken into account. It was a joint drive with Adika and we dealt with a few different thoughts of our own,” she notes. Leaving her regular employment at Fana was difficult, she says, however, «It became occupied particularly after I turned into a supervisor. I was continuously planning for the following day. It was ceaseless. Appointing others, every one of the obligations. I thought the time had come to accomplish something a piece unique.”

The new program, Malefia was something of a triumph and Tigist and Tsegent were welcomed by Fana to take broadcast appointments and to run their show. “It was the primary greeting by the station. When columnists left the spot, they were not given a broadcast appointment. Be that as it may, we were given seven hours of the week,” she says.


The program called Taza, a way of life and diversion program, has been running for the beyond three years. It is acquiring more extensive crowds as it centers around friendly, physiological, and social parts of society. “Rather than holding a dry discourse and forcing our perspective on others, we go for something more enthusiastic and interfaces with the core of individuals. We converse with individuals to let us know their genuine lives and offer stories. We raise marriage issues, cash issues, relationship issues,” Tigist makes sense of.

Tigist says she is progressively zeroing in more on brain science as she felt that chipping away at human interest issues was a nearby thing to her heart. However her most memorable degree was in creature science, she chose to concentrate on brain research in the expansion segment a couple of years prior. “I needed to concentrate on it as a result of its pertinence to my life. I felt it would assist me with doing my piece in changing individuals’ points of view to improve things,” she says. One piece of the program is a telephone through which they draw in audience members on the way of life, how to live as one with others, the outcome in the work environment, and connections.

Other than their show, Tigist, and Tsegent have the station’s morning and nightly news programs “an hour and a Half” and “120 Minutes” two times every week. Past her job as a columnist, Tigist directs various gatherings, MC occasions, doe voiceovers, and promotions. Her show of the generally diffused music contest, the Balageru Symbol show brought her a specific VIP status.

Her long-term want to be a columnist was acknowledged with that call. “While in secondary school, I previously began working at Radio Ethiopia, a Saturday evening youth program. That is the point at which I went gaga for the radio. I acted in short shows, working for nothing at the end of the week. I had simply pocket cash to cover transport,”

Fana Broadcasting Corporate

Fana Broadcasting Corporate, started administration in 1994 with obsolete gear and restricted labor supply, however with the first of its sort and recent fad in the nation’s transmission media industry. Through the process, it has taken a jump forward by working on its design and projects’ substance and tending to difficulties. Fana Broadcasting Corporation, which is known for its local area-focused projects and obligation to work on the political and financial jobs of our kin, has become more ideal and figured out how to draw in additional crowds and accomplices in its TV, radio, and online administrations.

Fana Broadcasting Corporate has kept on achieving changes in the country’s media culture by improving its job of educating, illuminating, and engaging individuals by furnishing itself with a talented and experienced labor supply and exceptional advancements. Fana Broadcasting Corporate, which has a rich involvement with radio and online administrations and constructed its own 11-story media complex, is trying to become one of the main media houses in East Africa.

Fana Broadcasting Corporate has turned into a trailblazer in the country’s media history by building a full HD studio inside its media complex and starting full HD TV transmission. Following quite a while of test transmission, it began transmission with its full limit in January 2017 after it was initiated by the previous President Dr Mulatu Teshome.

After outfitting itself with the required labor and devices that are fundamental for online media, which is one of the most mind-blowing mediums as of now, Fana Broadcasting Corporate is introducing different items to its crowds in Amharic, Afan Oromo, Tigrigna, and English dialects using its site, Facebook and Twitter pages, remembering for photographs, recordings, and sounds. It arrives at more than 6 million watchers on normal each week.

In radio telecom administration, other than its public and Fana FM 98.1 transmission, it has opened FM stations out of the capital Addis Ababa in 11 local urban communities with a dazzling pace where all stations are organized, furnished with the essential labor supply, and fitted with the most recent radio advancements. Presently, it has 12 FM stations in the country that give broadcasting administrations in Amharic, Afan Oromo, Afarigna, Somaligan, Tigrigna, Wolaitigna, and Sidamigna dialects.

Fana Broadcasting Corporate is as of now giving preparation and advising administration by laying out its innovation, news coverage, and correspondence preparing focus. As of now, it has a sum of 1,000 focused and serious laborers.

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