Ethiopian University Exit Exam Result 2023

 Ethiopian University Exit Exam Result 2023

40.65 percent of the students who sat for the university exit exam achieved a passing score!

The Ministry of Education announced that 40.65 percent of the students who sat for the university exit exam scored a passing score. The Minister of State for Education, Samuel Kfle (Dr.) in a statement, stated that the university exit exam, which has been held for six days since June 30, has been completed.

Students who took the 2023 exit exam can check their results from Sunday night using the username provided for the exam at this link ” – Ethiopian Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education has sent us a statement regarding the completion of the exit exam.

A total of 194,239 students, including 84,627 from 48 government universities and 109,612 from 171 private institutions, enrolled to take the exit test, which had a projected enrollment of 240,000 pupils. 72,203 students from private institutions made up 65.87 percent of the 150,184 students that took the exit test, out of the 77,981 students who registered to take it. 92.15 percent of the registered students were from those two groups. 62.37 percent of the 48,632 students who took the test in government institutions got 50 or above. Similarly, 12,422 students from private universities who took the exam got 17.2 percent of the pass rate of 50 or above. 40.65 percent of the 61,054 pupils who took the test and received a pass grade did so.


According to a message supplied to us by the Ministry of Education, students who took the 2023 exit test may check their results starting Sunday night by entering this website

Out of the 240,000 students who were expected to sit for the exit exam, 194,239 students qualified and registered for the exam, they said. Out of this, 84 thousand 627 students from 48 government institutions and 109 thousand 612 students from 171 private institutions have registered to take the exit exam. Out of those who registered to take the exit exam, 77 thousand 981 students from government institutions and 72 thousand 203 students from private institutions, totaling 150 thousand 184 students took the exam. Of these, 61 thousand 54 students, or 40.65 percent are said to have scored the passing score.

Several universities have announced the completion of the national entrance exam that has been held for the past five days. Candidates from 44 government and 161 private higher education institutions have taken the exam which has been given since July 03/2023. It is said that more than 168,000 prospective graduates will take the national entrance exam. The government is expected to announce how many students have taken the online test. It should not be forgotten that the result will be announced on July 16/2023.

On the other hand, one of the institutes that gave the exit exam, Mizan Tepi University, stated that the result of the exam was announced today.

Out of 1604 examinees who were tested by the institute in 41 programs:-

  • 100% in 13 programs
  •  90-99% in 7 programs
  •  80-89% in 11 programs, 80% in 31 programs, and 81% of the students as a university officially announced.

The university has also stated that out of 1604 students who have taken the exam, 1289 students have scored more than 50%.

In addition, Wolkite University stated that 78.5% of the 1450 students who took the EXIT EXAM in the 2023 academic year passed the exam successfully.

Among the 43 programs that the university tested students on:-

  •  11 classes/programs that passed 100%
  •  21 departments/programs that passed more than 90%
  •  27 classes/programs that passed more than 80%
  •  He stated that there are 32 departments/programs that passed more than 70%.

On the other hand, the University of Woldia announced that the results of the exit exam will be announced in the evening. At the university level, 80.3% of prospective graduate students passed the exit exam, the institute said. “Many departments have managed to pass 100%,” he said.

Arsi University Exit Exam Result

Wolkite University Exit Exam Result

Thanks, Charity Organization, GAAT Foundation, Wolkite University, and Gurage Zone Education Office together to implement robotics technology and artificial intelligence for 4 construction and industrial colleges, 10 secondary schools, and 10 primary schools in Gurage Zone. They provided helpful materials.

The Minister of State of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the founder of the Gratitude Charity Organization, the Honorable Ambassador Argau, who attended the support program, thanked Argau for his message that the greatest wealth we have acquired in our lifetime is education, that the time we spend on education is appropriate, that the root cause of many of our mistakes is lack of education, one of the differences between people. The issue is the difference between learning and not learning, the difference between the rich and the underdeveloped countries is the difference between being strong and weak in science, technology and creative works and not being, that we can live anywhere if our ability to solve problems through education increases. He said that we should also work on it and that the Thanksgiving charity organization is doing a lot of work based on this.

Dr. Faris Delil, president of Wolkite University, thanked the charity organization and Gaat Foundation and stated that improving the quality of education is a matter of survival, and stated that such support greatly encourages young people who are interested in working in creative work and should continue to strengthen. However, he recalled that the education system and the way we have implemented it in our country for the past several years has not been very successful and the 12th grade national exam results recorded in 2023 are a good indication.

Dr. Faris added that many reform works are being done to repair the brokenness of this education sector, but for its effectiveness, not only the government but also the cooperation of the majority of the stakeholders is crucial.

Dr. Faris added that general education students from all areas of the zone have been developing their creative skills in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) labs in the summer. Since 2023, STEM POWER has opened its center and welcomed various students to the center for creative practice, but promising startups are also being seen there. Remember that student Ezzedin Kamil, who is a role model for many young people and the owner of many innovations, mentioned that this is the fruit of STEM POWER.

In the message sent by the representative of the Gaat Foundation, he stated that Gaat Foundation is a foundation established by the people of Gurage who are of Ethiopian descent in America. 2nd to build the implementation capacity of schools. To train teachers, 3rd to provide scholarship opportunities to high school students, 4th to use coding as a mother tongue.

The Head of Gurage Zone Education Office, Mr. Asbarir Wolde, in his message, thanked Mesgana Charity Organization, GAAT Foundation, and Wolkite University, especially Mesgana Foundation for providing great support in building high-quality schools in Gurage Zone, and stated that the necessary educational facilities or resources at the zone level have been adequately provided. Since only 43% of the schools are providing services, to strengthen the rest of those who have resource problems, thanksgiving charity organization, GAAT Foundation, and Wolkite University have jointly provided robotics technology and artificial intelligence to technical and vocational colleges, secondary schools ,and primary schools in Gurage Zone. They stated that donating materials that help implement Artificial Intelligence is highly encouraged and should be strengthened.

Finally, 4 construction and industrial colleges, 10 secondary schools, and 10 primary schools in the Gurage zone were supported with materials to help implement robotics technology and artificial intelligence. Apart from the fact that the Education Office signed a memorandum of understanding to work together in the future, after the program, the guest of honor and the participants of the program visited the STEM center.

Woldia University Exit Exam Result

Woldia College was laid out through the Committee of pastors Guideline No 223/2011 given on May 26, 2011.

The foundation for the development exercises of the college was laid in Oct,26,2008 by His Excellency Ato Ayalew Gobezy, the previous leader of the Amhara Local state, and his excellency Dr. Adhana Haile, previous appointee state priest of schooling

As of now, the all-out region of the college is 196 hectares of land. Woldia College has two grounds, in particular, the primary grounds called Woldia College, and the other one is the MERSA grounds of Farming. It is 25 km a long way from the fundamental grounds.

The main bunch of understudies, numbering 599, has been owned up to the college on Dec 10/2011 in a spectacular gathering service including visitors city occupants, delegates of various zone and Woreda regulatory workplaces, and the college’s local area. understudies have been put into four resources and 12 offices.

In its second year of activity, the college conceded more than 1457 New understudies. The number of resources developed to six, the two recently added being the workforce of Farming and educational al and social science personnel. Moreover, the number of divisions multiplied by 24. At present, the college has an understudy populace of north of 10,000.

The college is expected to contain an understudy populace of 15,000 for more than five years. More than 200 blocks are wanted to be raised in various stages inside the predefined period.

Gondar University Exit Exam

Gondar University has announced that it is working to make disabled graduate students successful in this year’s national exit exam.

Director of Disability Research and Services at the university, Ato Tareqin Asnake, told ESA that the university has prepared to test 48 disabled people in the national exit exam this year. He stated that disabled people are completing their studies in the fields of law, engineering, history, sociology, social work, English language, and medicine. He also explained that computer centers have been organized so that people with disabilities who have computer knowledge can do the test well.

The director stated that the empowerment work is being done with the help of teachers by preparing model tests in Braille as well. He said that to alleviate the shortage of Braille books, a purchase was made at a cost of more than 1 million birr. In addition, the director pointed out that a photocopying machine that converts modules into Braille printing has been purchased and preparations have been made to start work, which will help alleviate the problem in the long run.

Ato Tareqanit said that 100 volunteer students have been assigned to help disabled students in various ways and are providing them with multi-faceted social support. Funju Tilahun, who graduated from the university this year in English language, said that he is already making adequate preparations for the exit exam. For this reason, the university has prepared and given model exams in Braille and is helping them by raising awareness about the exam delivery process. Another student of the Sociology department, Abu Thamhe, said, “I am preparing for the exit exam by completing my higher education without my disability stopping me.”

She expressed her belief that the university’s support for disabled students who are sitting the exam will enable them to pass the exit exam with satisfactory results. “There are more than 460 students with disabilities from the first to the last year of Gondar University,” said Dr. Kasahun, the academic vice president of the university. He said that 48 of these people with disabilities will complete their studies this year and that they are being supported and monitored to make them successful in the exit exam. Dr. Kasahun pointed out that the university will take more than 3,000 graduates for the exit exam this year. The information obtained from the university indicates that the University of Gondar has received and taught more than 40,000 students in various educational programs.

Union of Ethiopian Higher Education Students

The Union of Ethiopian Higher Education Students stated that it is working closely with the relevant institutions for its implementation, understanding the important role of university candidate graduates in ensuring the quality of education.

Ethiopian Higher Education Students Union President Michael Yabonesh told ESA that university entrance and exit exam reforms play an important role in ensuring the quality of education. He pointed out that the university exit exam will play an important role in producing better human resources by shifting the education system to a task-oriented one.

He stated that the association has been working together with the Ministry of Education since last year to ensure that the materials and procedures for the exit exam are completed. Although the exit exam is convincing in principle, he pointed out that students have questions about how and in what form the exam will be given.

He stated that the Union as a representative is talking to the Ministry of Education to find a solution to the student’s questions. He said that students should prepare themselves and wait patiently. Mr. Abdu Nasir, head of the higher education development sector management desk at the Ministry of Education, spoke to them on the issue. He stated that the exit exam aims to ensure the quality of education.

He explained that the exam qualifies students through theoretical and practical lessons; He said that comprehensive preparations have been made for the examination. At this time, he stated that the exam and the exam delivery program had been sent to the universities. They mentioned that education compensations are being implemented so that students can be prepared already.

He said that because the exit exam is new, it may have its challenges, but the success of the exam has been prepared on a larger scale than usual. He stated that he will work together with student organizations to fill the gaps encountered in the process. He asked students to prepare themselves and appear for the exam.



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