Interview with Mr. Habtamu Kitaba, Executive Board of EZEMA

Interview with Mr. Habtamu Kitaba, Executive Board of EZEMA

Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice (EZEMA)

Mr. Habtamu Kitaba was one of the establishing panels of the Ethiopian Residents for Civil Rights (EZEMA) Party and filled in as a chief. Mr. Habtamu has served in different positions and has functioned as a financial group strategy organizer in approach readiness. He likewise led a council that straightforwardly formed a venture strategy. They worked in lined up as far as pay in an equal cabane structure. He additionally filled in as a chief in his body electorate in Addis Ababa. Also, in the political decision challenge for the administration of EZEMA, Andulem Arage was challenged for the authority while Mr. Habtamu was challenged for the appointee initiative.

Habtamu Kitaba is one of the seven leaders individuals who as of late left the EZEMA Party. Regarding their joint renunciation from EZEMA, their full meeting with JOURNALIST BRUK columnist Stream Alemu is introduced as adheres to.


JOURNALIST BRUK: Many thanks for consenting to the meeting. Ezema is known to be a difficult party with great public help. Of late, nonetheless, there have been gossipy tidbits about a crack inside the party. As of late, seven individuals, including you, have reported your abdication from the party. What occurred in Ezema? What is the conspicuous justification behind your division from the party?

Mr. Habtamu Kitaba-One reason why we left EZEMA; For what reason is the part leaving EZEMA? For what reason is it losing public acknowledgment? For what reason is Ezema neglecting to be an elective party? It is because it is aimless to remain in the party. After all, the inquiry that we are raising to examine the issue is being smothered. The principal and central explanation is that EZEMA can’t be an option in contrast to his reasoning, and his program. Our point is for the party to concoct something that will help Ethiopia and advantage individuals, however, the gathering in the administration is hindering the entryways so this thought shouldn’t be visible in the get-together, and we left the party since it couldn’t be settled through conversation. The fundamental distinction is that we can’t leave it as a choice. Thus, we requested that the gathering meet and go with a choice, however, the reaction was not what we anticipated.


JOURNALIST BRUK-For what reason didn’t you decide to battle inside without leaving the party? As you recently referenced, do you say that remaining at the party doesn’t save you from responsibility, or do you have another explanation? What amount did you call to determine the distinctions between you?

Mr. Habtamu Kitaba-we battled for a long time. We battled in every one of the fields in EZEMA. The distinction between us began in the months when the party was established; How the party chiefs draw in thriving, how they come and clarify it for us, and as far as we can tell have been unique about the absolute starting point of the party. We have attempted a great deal to settle this, and when we do our yearly survey, we welcome political figures from abroad to submit research papers. We have had numerous conversations, supporters are standing firm and endeavors have been made to send it to the middle. Yet, the construction in the middle couldn’t pursue a reasonable choice, however, we have put forth many attempts.

“EZEMA has no critical individuals except certain individuals who are dynamic in the middle as the individuals that we established are leaving. This is a reality that you can check. For instance, assuming you take the 12/13 voting demographics where I’m from, there are just 10% of the individuals left when we began. In the Amhara locale, the leftover individuals are not more than 7 or 8 percent of the individuals we had when we began. Practically all designs have vanished in the Aromia district. ”

They let me know that the distinction in JOURNALIST BRUK-EZEMA was made not long after the party’s development. When you established the party, wasn’t there a reasonable comprehension of the party’s arrangement and system? Was there no solidarity of direction among you? How is it that there could be a distinction between you in the months since the party was established?

Mr. Habtamu Kitaba-There was the solidarity of direction in what was composed, Yet the thing that matters is in the methodology and execution. The party takes normal positions. For instance, there is the place of EZEMA  regarding the subject of Guragen being a district. Our position is unique to that of Flourishing. He is the head of the Ezema Party who went with the Leader of Blitsegna and gave a discourse when he ventured out to Wolkete to mirror his party’s situation. In opposition to the place of their party, they upheld the place of thriving. Albeit the party has the right, practically speaking, a body that backings and carries out the place of the head of EZEMA has arisen and supposedly is neutralizing the place of the party. Also, Prof. Birhanu Nega is one of the gatherings who will be available to give a clarification when the Head of the state’s book of increments is ready and ought to be gone against as the head of EZEMA.

As a party we stand firm however it isn’t carried out. Allow me to add another model. In the conflict, in Addis Ababa, in the last political decision, in public counsel issues, and in the Lelech issue, we stand firm as EZEMA. Be that as it may, when the head of the party needs to battle for the position we are holding, they decided to proceed to battle with thriving. We have gone far to stay away from this, however since it won’t work out, we have chosen to leave, yet we are standing firm on similar footing on the essentials, yet the position isn’t being carried out. This made a separation.

To give you another model, EZEMA had a situation in the Tigray War. There was a thought that the TPLF ought to be obliterated. However, we were of the assessment that following the harmony option is better. At the point when the gathering driven by Prof. Berhanu Nega began calling for harmony to descend, they collapsed and harmony! Hi! He started to say; When the public authority walked to obliterate Shene (Oromo Freedom Armed Force), the position was that indeed, Shene ought to be annihilated. Then, at that point, when the public authority said that he will haggle with Shene, Ezema additionally began saying OK, the exchange is gainful. EZEMA is a party that doesn’t necessarily have its situation, however every time it changes its situation, it attempts to draw nearer to flourishing. So it isn’t proper to relinquish your position and spend your cash to remain inside at a party like this.

JOURNALIST, BRUK-What number of individuals have left EZEMA up to this point?

Mr. Habtamu KitabaEZEMA has no huge individuals except certain individuals who are dynamic in the middle as the individuals who were shaping it are leaving. This is a reality that you can confirm. For instance, assuming you take the 12/13 voting public where I’m, 10% of the individuals were left when we began. In the Amhara locale, the excess individuals are not more than 7 or 8 percent of the individuals we had when we began. Practically all designs have vanished in the Aromia district. Overall, what remains currently is something like 10%. The main thing that stood apart to us was that we formally declared our exit to the media, however, a few individuals left. On the off chance that you let me know the justification behind the part to leave, it is connected with flourishing. A crisis meeting was called and it was chosen to work with Thriving, I most definitely am against this. No composed understanding was placed between the two gatherings. At first, he sent a rich message; We sent him a clarification yet he didn’t offer us a response, while he kept on conversing with the party chief. Various reasons, including this one, made the individuals leave.

JOURNALIST BRUK – EZEMA‘s advertising boss, Dr. Mulalem, said that a portion of the individuals who left the party were disciplinary charges documented against them for ignoring the party’s guidelines and regulations. Is it safe to say that you were sued? What is your reaction from this issue’s perspective?

Mr. Habtamu Kitaba-What is your take on my reaction to this? You raised the reason behind having inner turmoil. For instance, I assembled in my locale for two days and took a political stand. Different locales likewise held a gathering and stood firm. One of our positions is that a get-together ought to be assembled, the other position is that the head of the party, Prof. Berhanu Nega, is going down a pointless way by leaving the party’s situation. Likewise, we took a situation on the issue of success in Addis Ababa and the issue of the party’s work thriving and sent it to the middle. Kaza impeded individuals who were awkward and left individuals who got data without taking any kind of action. However, they impeded individuals who requested their freedoms.

I’m one of those blamed. I was charged because I worked in my region, examined the individuals, and stood firm. It was the chief who recorded the charges. He did this by shaping a council. Furthermore, this is unlawful. The Locale Disciplinary Council is the one in particular that can sue, and the Leader Panel has set up its board of trustees to obstruct the Region because the Regions have taken a typical situation on the party’s methodology. Thusly, it implies that they are having to deal with disciplinary penalties in an unlawful and unseemly way.

They did this not as per the party’s regulation, but since they think the party chief’s very own position is the law. At the point when individuals stand firm, they are stunned, they think the law has been abused; The charges brought against us are not indictable under the law of the party. To demonstrate this, we can contend as per the guidelines of the party. Yet, they will not. Hence, we were blamed for being comprised by a leader stage board outside the law. It is a standard exertion by the media to recapture the political standing that numerous individuals lost when they left.

“I don’t completely accept that Success came in and separated for Ezema’s situation since he realizes he killed Ezema. “The decision party plays a part in debilitating the framework by giving pioneers, yet I don’t peruse that it has placed its hand in the EZEMA case.”

JOURNALIST BRUK-Does success assume a part in debilitating ideological groups and the multi-party framework? What is the commitment of the decision party to the division of EZEMA?

Mr. Habtamu Kitaba-To comes clean, I accept that there is what is going on for ideological groups now than during the past TPLF administration. I can’t say that the security mechanical assembly isn’t checking and applying pressure. We might not have seen it since we are not battling it, but rather we will see individuals from the Balderas party captured. Truth be told, I can hardly imagine how what is being made in EZEMA has an immediate hand in success. In any case, individuals who are not flourishing but rather whose heart is taken by the possibility of thriving are individuals who lead EZEMA. It is hence that it would be exceptionally off-base to carry the obligation of thriving to something in Ezema. At the point when you say this, I’m not saying that Flourishing is working for multi-party development. In a multi-party framework, I can’t say that success is not quite the same as some other systems as far as gatherings battling. Yet, on account of Ezema, I don’t accept that Thriving came in and partitioned it since he realizes that he killed Ezema. The decision party plays a part in debilitating the framework by giving pioneers, however, I don’t peruse that it has placed its hand in the EZEMA issue.

“Teacher Birhanu Nega, the head of EZEMA, working in the public authority structure has kept them from giving the time they ought to provide for the party.”

JOURNALIST BRUKEZEMA pioneer Prof. Birhanu Nega let me know that they are working with Blitsegna Party. Ezema is seen giving a proclamation reprimanding the public authority’s solid position on current undertakings. Disregarding this, how did the party chief and the individuals who uphold his position not work with success?

Mr. Habtamu Kitaba-It is normal to offer various expressions while cooperating. An illustration of this is Amhara thriving and Oromo flourishing. It isn’t realized that the head of Ezema is talking about the place of his party at each stage. However, Dr. Abiy discusses the thriving system constantly. In legislative issues, you battle with your thoughts. Be that as it may, EZEMA pioneers are not utilized when they are battling for their party’s situation, yet when they are giving cover for thriving. Likewise, at whatever point Flourishing changes status, they are promptly switched over completely to Success status. The Ethiopian Public’s Freedoms Bonus, which is a political association, will give an assertion against the public authority’s training. We ought to battle not just by offering expressions.

For instance, during the conflict in the north, when the TPLF powers were moving toward Addis Ababa, a review council was set up and we directed a review. We did the exploration by conversing with the injured, individuals in the Amhara area, columnists who were dynamic during the conflict, and different bodies. One of the numerous discoveries we found in the review was that the distinctions between the Amhara success and the Oromo thriving in the conflict helped the TPLF. Individuals of Oromo success say that we won’t battle to recuperate Amhara’s legacy, while individuals of Amhara flourishing say that we are battling to recover Amhara’s legacy. This distinction in the story extraordinarily helped the TPLF and carried it nearer to Addis Ababa. The party chief must battle this issue by presenting it to people in general. In any case, they didn’t. They are distraught when something is introduced that is demonstrated even by research. Also, they do this since they work with abundance.

JOURNALIST BRUKEZEMA pioneer Prof. Birhanu Nega’s arrangement to the public authority bureau how has he had the option to impact the party?

Mr. Habtamu Kitaba-It requires a ton of work to grow the governmental issues and thoughts of resistance. EZEMA has a great deal of work at home, so it makes less time for work. We realized this would occur and when he turned into the Priest of Training, we requested him to send him the administrative role from the party, however, he said no. Ezema pioneer Prof. Birhanu Nega’s work in the public authority structure kept him from giving the time he ought to have given to the party. It is presently Ezema Ona’s home. It is by all accounts the house where his mom went nearby.

JOURNALIST BRUK-Your joint acquiescence from EZEMA won’t cause the party’s relationship with Thriving to be ever more grounded.

Mr. Habtamu Kitaba-To tells the truth, I don’t believe EZEMA will keep on being valuable in Ethiopian governmental issues, regardless of whether he reinforces it. Ezema can’t fortify the decision party uniquely; He cannot battle and change in an alternate circumstance. I accept he has arrived at his true capacity. I believe Ezeman to be among the people who are recalled in history from EHP, Maison. I accept that EZEMA has been dead for quite a while, and when this gathering left the party, the burial service occurred. Consequently, the individuals who are inside realize that no party can emerge from the grave and make something else. Yet, I’m exceptionally miserable that these are the gatherings that I paid for.

JOURNALIST BRUK-When party individuals much of the time leave the ideological group, doesn’t it make residents lose their confidence in the party?

Mr. Habtamu Kitaba-will do. Before, different gatherings fizzled. At the point when EZEMA was established, changing this was expected. I realize that the renunciation of individuals from an ideological group makes a difference, yet regardless of whether there is an ideological group, individuals of Ethiopia can battle all alone and topple the system. This is the very thing we see from history. It is individuals’ development as opposed to coordinated power that has a practice of achieving political change in Ethiopia. Assuming we take a gander at the new past, which ideological group has achieved change, not Kero’s and Fanos? It is better if individuals leave the ideological group since it will make a difference. Yet, I don’t completely accept that individuals must choose the option to sort out themselves and battle, particularly as of now.

JOURNALIST BRUK-As you would see it, what is going on in the country? What is the most ideal way to escape the ongoing political emergency?

Mr. Habtamu Kitaba-Ethiopian governmental issues are viewed as muddled. I for one don’t completely accept that Ethiopian governmental issues are muddled. Yet, I accept there’s nothing that can be done about it dealt with is off-base. We don’t have the political ability to plunk down and talk. So the arrangement is to plunk down and talk smoothly. The head of one party is perched on the stage and the other party isn’t thinking about him as a crowd of people, however, he is plunking down and examining. I accept that the nation needs a genuine conversation on where flourishing ought to go, each political power ought to plunk down and sit down. Assuming this were finished, I don’t accept that there is any power that would hold us together without equity and balance. I accept that the issue of the nation will be addressed by plunking down and conversing with one another because the stage is lost. I accept that the wellspring of the ongoing unsteadiness in the nation is that the decision party doesn’t permit us to plunk down and converse with one another and it is the aftereffect of its endeavors to shape Ethiopia in the manner it needs. Thusly, the arrangement is to offer the equivalent chance to all gatherings to talk.

“If we had any desire to engage in public legislative issues, we wouldn’t have a conversation; There are numerous ethnic political associations, and going along with one would be conceivable. I don’t trust that, yet additionally, my companions who are with me currently will follow the way of public legislative issues. ”

JOURNALIST BRUK – When a few gatherings concoct a thought that will assist them with testing the decision party, it isn’t generally seen. Do you suppose Ethiopian legislative issues have advanced from resistance legislative issues to rival legislative issues?#

Mr. Habtamu Kitaba-They feel that thriving has prompted political contest, however, I have to take a hard pass. Allow me to let you know my explanation. Rivalry is at an equivalent stage. Governmental issues can’t be cutthroat when the State leader’s political assessment book named Expansion is being censured by the public authority media and others are being prohibited from holding a get-together. I don’t utilize the word contender, I’m a rival. There is no such thing as a contest in the ongoing circumstance in Ethiopia. In Ethiopian governmental issues, those on the resistance side don’t have the foggiest idea of how to figure out thoughts before the decision bunch. No party has faith in a tranquil battle by approaching with a text of political thoughts. Believed is required, and resistance is required; For instance, when I bantered on the economy, that’s what we said assuming we are chosen, we will satisfy the modern need, we will create wheat, and we will want to help ourselves with wheat. Aside from this, we have proposed and bantered on lodging issues, metropolitan development, and building savvy urban communities without whining to the general population. Parties have thoughts. Consequently, if the decision party doesn’t adjust the field, on the off chance that it isn’t submitted to the law, there can be no aggressive legislative issues.

JOURNALIST BRUK – What is your take straightaway? Do you have plans to shape another ideological group?

Mr. Habtamu Kitaba-What we believe should do now is a conversation. To begin with, we might want to examine what we gained from the disappointment of EZEMA. The second is to have a conversation on the ethnic political camp and the camp we ponder. We will talk about the job of the diaspora and different issues. After we have a conversation, we will go into execution with a cognizant thought from the things we gain from the conversation. It will be chosen how when we go right into it. Assuming we conclude that we want to chip away at the media, we can come to the media, or on the other hand if the choice is that we want a familial rights development, we will go there, if not, we will get back to an ideological group, if no, we will leave all that and petition God for our country. Consequently, we will pick our next way in the wake of examining the legislative issues of Ethiopia. He chose this to consider cautiously about what direction we will help our country.

JOURNALIST BRUK-Would you say you are the main individuals from EZEMA who are doing the conversation or are different gatherings likewise taking part?

Mr. Habtamu Kitaba-We welcome individuals who need to partake in your conversation. There will be conversations open to the people who wish to talk about it; Perhaps just individuals who have been in EZEMA will partake in the conversation where we survey EZEMA.

JOURNALIST BRUK-Perhaps you have a plan to come next in public legislative issues?

Mr. Habtamu Kitaba-He is incredible. To engage in public governmental issues, we wouldn’t have a conversation. There are numerous ethnic political associations and going along with one would be conceivable. I don’t trust that, yet in addition, my companions who are with me presently will follow the way of public legislative issues. My position is clear. At the point when you say this, don’t place them in a solitary box with a view that does exclude ethnic legislative issues. Since there are various things behind each patriotism. In any case, albeit the method for staying away from every one of them is unique, there is a superior way, yet the public ideological group that I am joining doesn’t exist.

JOURNALIST BRUK-Mr. Habtamu, we thank you in the interest of our perusers for giving us your important chance to address and make sense of our inquiries.

Mr. Habtamu Kitaba-Thank you as well.

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