Accounting Job Vacancy in Ethiopia May 2024

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Accounting Job Vacancy in Ethiopia May 2024

Job Description: Overview of the company

FSD Ethiopia (FSDE), an organization founded in 2021, is committed to promoting the expansion of inclusive, accessible, and sustainable financial markets as a means of promoting both human and economic development.

FSD Ethiopia assists many stakeholders in resolving the underlying causes of financial system problems in its capacity as a market facilitator. Our main goal is to create inclusive, accessible, and sustainable financial markets that will help Ethiopia achieve its long-term development goals.

Our main duties include figuring out what the root causes of financial system breakdowns are, helping market participants work together to overcome these obstacles, and actively supporting the development of an effective financial sector that serves a wide range of Ethiopian citizens and enterprises.

Our main goal is to assist in the development of a robust financial system that benefits Ethiopians and the country’s economy as a whole. By bolstering Ethiopia’s financial markets and tackling the most enduring issues they encounter—such as a dearth of long-term funding, especially in local currency, and insufficient risk management capabilities—we are dedicated to lowering poverty in Ethiopia.

In the financial sector, FSD Ethiopia works with a range of partners, including the public and commercial sectors, civil society organizations, and other development partners. Our main areas of interest are climate finance, capital access, and financial inclusion. Furthermore, our actions closely correspond with goals for financial sector reform as well as regional and national policy. FSD Ethiopia’s work focuses on three thematic areas throughout the financial sector landscape, all in line with the national economic reform strategy.

  • Financial inclusion: Promoting improved quality, utilization, and accessibility of financial services, such as investments, credit, insurance, and savings, for people, households, and MSMEs.
  • Access to finance: Increasing the range and availability of effective long- and short-term financing alternatives, such as bonds, equity, and working capital, for public and private enterprises of all sizes.
  • Climate finance: Obtaining funds from both domestic and foreign sources to support government, corporate, and family requirements as well as programs aimed at mitigating the effects of climate change, including green bonds, carbon credits, and insurance.

The overall goal of the task

The Technical Lead is in charge of overseeing the planning, carrying out, and managing PMO office initiatives to further develop cutting-edge digital financial services. By offering program design and management assistance for cutting-edge digital financial services products and services such as digital savings, credit access, micro-insurance, and micro-pension services, this function helps the program accomplish its objectives. Apart from spearheading the design and execution, the lead expert will synchronize communications with relevant parties to enable the use of technical know-how in project conception, execution, and oversight.

Essential duties and qualifications for the post

The principal duty of the program lead will be to devise and carry out initiatives aimed at expanding cutting-edge digital financial services and solutions. As a result, they will be in charge of the following: • Help the PMO specialists find and create initiatives that enhance financial inclusion as a whole, led by the NFIS, and the goals and effects of the PMO office.

  • Oversee the planning and creation of certain initiatives about financial innovation.
  • Create guidelines for enlisting outside assistance to help with project execution.
  • As required, prepare recommendations for the PMO lead or FIS to approve.
  • Assist the PMO lead in overseeing risk and outcomes for initiatives about financial innovation.
  • Determining and spearheading the delivery of technical assistance to improve and unify the regulatory and supportive landscape for financial services beyond payments, to enable digital platforms and cutting-edge products.
  • Determining and assisting in the creation of supportive regulatory frameworks for pension and savings ecosystems and services, with an emphasis on mobilization outreach and creative products.
  • Determining and assisting in the creation of regulatory frameworks that facilitate the microinsurance ecosystem and products using a business case and index data infrastructure.
  • Finding and creating initiatives that encourage digital savings.
  • Providing tools and assistance to clients for the management of their personalized savings plans, as well as collaborating with FSPs to facilitate the introduction of digital saving solutions.
  • Developing plans to launch a private pension plan, especially for those with modest incomes.
  • Encouragement of using bank and MFI accounts for all P2P and G2P payments.
  • Promoting account opening and savings with financial institutions by collaborating with members of cooperatives, Edir, community-saving (Equb), community health insurance plans, and other groups (initiative).
  • Expanding MSMEs’ financing choices via close collaboration with FSPs and the identification of growth-oriented support areas.
  • Assisting in the creation of a regulatory framework with clear interest rates, fair procedures, and a grievance procedure based on international standards for digital microcredit products. examining current laws to find any loopholes and requirements regarding the limiting of interest rates and fees.
  • Working closely with MoA/ATI and other stakeholders to find strategies for scaling up national agriculture insurance programs.
  • Endorsing programs aimed at enhancing and diversifying microinsurance distribution, innovation, and access.
  • Endorsing efforts to connect Edir to the official banking system (initiative).
  • Overseeing the execution of unique initiatives that are inventive, experimental, or preliminary.
  • Contributing to the creation of the budgets and resource plans for the corresponding projects, including any necessary budget negotiations with implementing partners.
  • Assisting in the identification and acquisition of financing, as well as creating comprehensive plans and budgets for funding bids, are a few examples of how one might contribute to resource mobilization.
  • Working together with the procurement team to guarantee efficient management of external resources by keeping an eye on the procurement plans for the corresponding projects.
  • Supervising the tracking of project expenses and offering assistance in rearranging the budget or implementing the required remedial measures.
  • Supervising the creation of toolkits and lessons learned for the steering committee and other external stakeholders in the quarterly program updates.
  • Ensuring that project stakeholders provide quantitative and qualitative data by the project plan and the monitoring, reporting, and measuring (MRM) framework, and that any required follow-up is done to guarantee correctness and completeness.
  • Ensuring quarterly updates to milestone accomplishment trackers and project measurement tools.
  • Coordinating with the Communications and Advocacy team to ensure efficient distribution and collaborating with the MRM team to gather, evaluate, and apply quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Taking part in project monitoring, result management, and learning activities to guarantee objective result analysis and suitable remedial measures.
  • Overseeing the pillar’s stakeholder mapping, locating influential people, and contributing to the creation of novel concepts.
  • Creating material for pertinent reports and written articles on certain topics to influence or communicate hot-button financial innovation concerns.
  • Participating in and managing thought leadership initiatives, forums, events, and other activities within the purview of the Pillar’s responsibilities, as well as supporting the organization’s advocacy and communications efforts.
  • Taking part in gatherings of stakeholders and/or networking events to promote and shape perceptions of certain financial innovations.
  • Managing the upkeep of the information base, which includes important developments, dangers, and chances to influence presentations and knowledge goods in the financial industry.
  • Managing knowledge management initiatives, including research notes and tools creation.
  • Directly reports to FSD, PMO lead
  • Reports to: TBD indirectly
  • Report directly to Specialists

Workplace Prerequisites


  • A master’s degree in accounting, banking, business, finance, or another related discipline.
  • It would be advantageous to have relevant professional credentials in project management or similar sectors.
  • A minimum of ten (10) years of related experience, including five (5) years of supervisory experience in tasks similar to managing teams and finances.
  • Working knowledge of the financial sector.
  • Certifications in leadership, accounting, financial management, and other relevant subjects.


  • Exhibit a great degree of honesty.
  • Capacity to put into practice short-term budgets, plans, and programs that are created at the strategic and senior management levels.
  • Capacity to organize processes and carry out plans, programs, and SOPs.
  • Capabilities in people management, leadership, and interaction.
  • Implementation and project management abilities.
  • Formal communication abilities.
  • Capacity to draft intricate reports and suggestions.
  • Skill in analysis.
  • Capacity to solve problems.
  • Exhibited strategic acumen and the ability to plan, organize, and oversee initiatives.
  • Capacity to create networks and partnerships both personally and institutionally.
  • Proficiency in both working languages—Amharic and English—is necessary.


How to Apply 

On or before May 10, 2024, interested candidates who satisfy the aforementioned conditions may submit their application letter and resume via with a clear reference to the position “PROGRAMME LEAD (DEEPENING DIGITAL FINANCIAL SERVICES)”.

Applications from female applicants are strongly welcomed. Only those who have been shortlisted will be contacted.

Note: FSD Ethiopia is an equal opportunity company, and applications are welcome from applicants with disabilities, women with qualifications, and people of all religions and ethnicities.

To apply for this job please visit