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Light for the World NGO Job Vacancies in Ethiopia

Job Specifications
Announcement of Internal and External Vacancies
One international development organization is Light for the World. We facilitate eye health services in low-income nations and empower individuals with impairments. We have strengthened health services, made universal education possible, and given disabled people’s voices more clout during the past thirty years. Since we will have the most influence there, we concentrate on the most vulnerable and difficult-to-reach population.

Among our programs are:

• Eye Health: Keeping everyone’s eyes healthy and preventing blindness.
• Inclusive Education: guaranteeing high-quality, inclusive education for kids with impairments.
• Inclusive Economic Empowerment: ensuring that obstacles are eliminated so that both men and women with disabilities can find fulfilling employment.

Ethiopia’s national policy for 2021–2025 is centered on the following areas: humanitarian action, inclusive education, neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), inclusive economic empowerment, and eye health. Disability inclusion and advocacy are interconnected themes. Light for the World Ethiopia is now funding projects in the Central Ethiopia Regional States, Amhara, Tigray, Oromia, Sidama, and South Ethiopia in addition to the Addis Ababa City Administration.
With support from the Mastercard Foundation, Light for the World will carry out an eight-year project called We Can Work, a regional signature disability program that changes people’s perspectives and systems to improve the lives of at least one million young people with disabilities and give them access to meaningful employment. Under umbrella organizations, the program collaborates with Entrepreneurship Hubs in Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya.
We will work with our partners to bring about change at the individual, family, and community levels as well as at the organizational and institutional levels. Young people with disabilities will take on a transformative role, offering advising services related to disability inclusion and boldly pushing for practices and policies that include people with disabilities among major players in the system.
The following will be the main components of our work with young women and men with disabilities in the lead during the eight-year partnership intervention:

• uplifting and uplifted messaging on disability and inclusion that engages communities and carers.
• Direct co-creation procedures to guide the development of inclusive economies.
• elevating the voices of young people with impairments and fostering agency among young men and women with disabilities through the We Can Work Academy.
Light for the Globe therefore requires the services of an experienced and self-driven person to lead this innovative and ambitious project therefore the vacancy below.

An overview of roles

The Inclusive Employment Officer oversees collaborations that advance inclusive employment and reports to the head of the Disability Inclusion Advisory Unit. She or he will collaborate in the area of inclusive employment with the Employers Association or other networks in the private sector, Human Resource Management Associations, and other commercial, public, and governmental entities. She or he will support successful job placements, work experience placements, inclusive hiring practices, and the development of a database of qualified job seekers with disabilities.

Important duties

Create and preserve alliances with key players in the national and international arena surrounding inclusive employment:
• Engage in active outreach on inclusive employment to the public and private sectors as well as other possible employers, emphasizing the Ethiopian Business and Disability Network (EBDN).
• Attend meetings as Light for the World to discuss potential collaborations on inclusive employment
• To facilitate a smooth transition to work, and maintain relationships with Enterprise Support Organizations/Cross Wise Works, YAW partners, Organisations of Persons with Disabilities, and Scholars Programme partners under the We Can Work programme.
Oversee and organize training in employability skills and work readiness:
• Encourage the creation of specialized curricula for training in job preparedness and employability skills.
• To help students transition to the workforce, and establish and maintain connections with universities and the Association of Students with Disabilities.
• Coordinate and assist in co-facilitating the employer training, as well as serving as the primary trainer and arranging for guest speakers for the employability training for young people with disabilities.
Verify that work experience placements are organized, carried out, and finished successfully:
• Encourage the modification of job descriptions to accommodate candidates with various disabilities within the context of the businesses and organizations we partner with;

• Encourage the establishment of contractual agreements about work experience placements.
• Make sure that young people with disabilities who are put in jobs or work experience programs receive the appropriate follow-up and assistance.
• Ascertain that the employer receives adequate support and implements the required workplace modifications to facilitate the placement.
• Oversee the performance of the Inclusive Employment DIFs and mentor them by the quality requirements.

Oversee an expanding database of qualified job applicants:

• Maintain a database of job seekers in close collaboration with OPDs and job centers.
• Communicate with job seekers in the database to make sure they are aware of opportunities (jobs, training, career fairs, work experience placements, etc.). • Clearly describe the educational background and career perspectives of job seekers.
Arrange career fairs to connect prospective employees with companies that support disability inclusion:
• Take part in networking gatherings with the HR Manager
• Establish connections with HR associations and managers to enable them to assist in the mentorship of job seekers and guarantee inclusive hiring practices in their places of employment.
• Arrange for a career fair with the DI Officer’s assistance.
• Make sure employers and job seekers participate, and get ready for possible matches.
• Communicate with the National Business and Disability Network secretariat to guarantee that every member participates.
• Collaborate with OPDs and student groups to guarantee that job seekers with disabilities who have varying educational backgrounds and meet company demands participate.
• Encourage the ongoing creation of materials to assist inclusive hiring practices and the enhancement of employable skills.

Workplace Prerequisites

Training in employability skills and work readiness

• Ensure that personnel interacting with participants are informed about minimal standards of behavior and safeguarding concerns.
· Quickly report any concerns about safeguarding to the safeguarding focal person.

Essential Knowledge and Requirements

• A bachelor’s degree or above in an area like program management, social work, or human resource development.
• A minimum of five years experience working for organizations that support people with disabilities or non-governmental organizations
• High degree of exposure to obstacles faced by people with impairments and realistic ways to get past them, either from personal experience or from prior employment
• Prior experience forming partnerships and networking, particularly in the private sector.
• Skilled instructor and coordinator
• Outstanding interpersonal abilities, including the capacity to mentor and guide others as well as understandably communicate information and experience.
• Proficient in both oral and written communication.
• Proficiency in integrating people with disabilities is preferred.
• Take initiative and operate both individually and in a team effectively.
• The capacity to deliver excellent results on schedule.

How to Apply

We strongly encourage persons with disabilities especially women with disabilities to apply for this position. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.

To apply for this job please visit