Save the Children NGO Job Vacancies in Ethiopia

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Save the Children NGO Job Vacancies in Ethiopia

Concerning Save the Children:

The largest independent children’s organization in the world is called Save the Children. We operate in almost 120 nations. We fight for children’s rights, preserve their lives, and assist them in realizing their full potential.

The goal of Save the Children is to realize that every child has the right to survival, protection, growth, and participation in society. Our mission is to bring about immediate and long-lasting improvement in children’s lives and to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children. We uphold the following key principles in everything we do: honesty, accountability, ambition, teamwork, and innovation. ​

Summary of Role:

For a considerable amount of time, Save the Children has been an advocate for childhood immunization programs in Ethiopia. They have continuously worked on several fronts, including making sure health facilities have enough vaccines, teaching the public about the importance of vaccines, and working with the government to enhance healthcare systems and ensure equitable access and funding. Our new collaboration with GSK reflects our continued commitment to this. This partnership uses the knowledge bases of both organizations to safeguard children who are at risk of harm and who have not gotten the appropriate vaccines or shots.

Expanding upon this pledge, Save the Children has started the GSK-funded Immunisation Accelerator program to address lingering obstacles to childhood immunization in Ethiopia (and Nigeria). This program looks for creative solutions from different organizations, and those who show promise will be given financial and technical help to test their concepts. The large percentage of “zero-dose” children in Africa, particularly in Ethiopia and Nigeria, is the primary focus of this program. The Accelerator seeks to greatly enhance vaccination access and use by tackling supply-side as well as demand-side obstacles. With the assistance of GSK and the Ethiopian Ministry of Health, this program has the potential to revolutionize child immunization not just in Ethiopia but across Africa. Grants are available, and applications are open until May 24th, 2024.

What kind of assistance is provided by the Accelerator?

Awards for creative ideas and promising techniques up to $100,000 per project.
extensive technical assistance and services tailored to specific requirements.
Please refer to the press release on our website, Save the Children, for further details.

Let us work together to guarantee that all African children have access to life-saving immunizations!

Why does this matter?

  • Africa is home to the world’s largest population of unvaccinated children—a startling 8.7 million have never had a standard immunization.
  • The Accelerator focuses on solutions that tackle important issues, such as:
  • enhancing community involvement and tackling vaccination reluctance.
  • increasing accessibility and streamlining the logistics of vaccinations.
  • enhancing data management to provide improved monitoring and judgment.

Workplace Prerequisites

Who is Eligible to Apply:

research teams, social entrepreneurs, digital corporations, professional associations, community-based organizations, local and international NGOs, and CSOs
The aforementioned entities ALL need to –

own a valid Nigerian or Ethiopian registration.
Carry out their business and/or research in Ethiopia or Nigeria.
has the ability to showcase a history in these areas.
Evaluation factors

A submission’s evaluation usually takes into account factors such as the innovation’s capacity to overcome immunization barriers, its track record of success, its adaptability, and transferability to other settings, its sustainability, and the team’s strength. We especially welcome suggestions that highlight the obstacles that historically marginalized people have had to overcome.

How to Apply

Apply and learn more at The deadline for applications is May 24, 2024; there will be another call for submissions in 2025.
The deadline for applications is May 24, 2024.
Projects must have proof of overcoming a priority immunization barrier and be in the testing phase of the innovation cycle.

To apply for this job please visit